Archaeologists have found evidence that early humans could live in America already 14-19 thousand years ago
Scientists found evidence that the emergence of the first people on American land could be another 14 to 19 KYR and it is 6 thousand years earlier than was considered…

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The driving forces of the process of anthropogenesis and human origin.
Anthropogeny — the process of origin and evolution of man. Driving forces of anthropogenesis. 1)anthropoid ancestors pax; 2)most ancient and ancient ancestors pax; 3)people present, morphologic building. • individual selection…

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The most ancient artifacts: archaeological finds

How much mystery lurking in the bowels of the earth, no one knows for sure. But every day somewhere in the world some scientist finds some interesting pieces left in earth history.

How much mystery lurking in the bowels of the earth, no one knows for sure. But every day somewhere in the world some scientist finds some interesting pieces left in earth history. Such findings often do not resolve all the issues that were to the past, but also creates many more. How did the world all have long known the works of many historians. But, as it turns out, there are archaeological excavations, the so-called most ancient artifacts that either make adjustments, or simply change the facts, so many years noble as the truth.

What artifacts are the most interesting? For decades, mines in South Africa workers are wonderful areas. They are quite small, about an inch in diameter. Some of them are present in the grooves, parallel to each other, embossed around the equator. Composition and material from which they are made, there are two types of such findings. The first is a balls out metal patterns solid color blue with white streaks. The second is a hollow balls, filled with a spongy material. Find such areas in the rock, which age more than 2.8 billion years before mankind is still far. Who created them remains a mystery.

Another interesting finding can boast of Chinese archaeologists who found in the mountains of Bayan-Kara-Ula in 1938 under a layer of centuries-old mysterious ancient dust disks. They were absolutely similar to the ancient records of the gramophone. They even had a spiral engraving, which in the end turned out to be a set of characters. Deciphering them, the researchers read a story about space ships wrecked in these mountains. Manage beings who identified himself as the mysterious word “drop”. According to scientists, in the cave they also found the remains of their descendants.

An interesting finding stood out, and Greece. Near the island of Antikythera was found a very mysterious movement with many refined details, connections of the gears. The most strange is that in the history such a device has been invented in the sixteenth century, and not in the year 80 BC, which listed the finds. Who invented it then, and why the system was lost, is unknown.

Surprising was the discovery of another artifact in the territory of Baghdad. It was the original battery, which consisted of a clay base, which houses a copper cylinder with a rod made of oxidized metal. Electric current in it appeared under the action of acid or alkaline content. And in this case strange was the loss of technology for years to come. The artifacts were found on the territory of Egypt and Central America. In the Egyptian pyramids unearthed apparatus, similar to modern aircraft.

In Central America, the finding was similar in shape to the space Shuttle even with something like that in the cockpit. He was cast out of gold. At the time this technology was lost for 1000 years. The world is full of mysteries. These are only some of the world famous ancient artifacts, and how much more fraught with uncharted planet.

Maybe once some unearthed another mysterious object will radically change the view of the origin of our world. After all, even the current artifacts are largely forced to doubt.

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Parking of primitive people "Wolf Mane" in the Novosibirsk region
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