The most ancient artifacts: archaeological finds
How much mystery lurking in the bowels of the earth, no one knows for sure. But every day somewhere in the world some scientist finds some interesting pieces left in…

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Excavations in the estate of Sophia of Kyiv and Vyshhorod of the National reserve
This year the students of our Institute was fortunate to host the summer archeological practice in the National reserve Sophia of Kyiv and Vyshgorod historical and cultural reserve. In the…

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In South America, archaeologists discovered the 1,200 year old “temple of the dead”

In South America, archaeologists have discovered the first undisturbed tomb robbers ancient and mysterious civilization Were. In the tomb, scientists found the mummified bodies of three Queens, as well as the Golden treasures and human remains, which judging by all, sacrificed.

1200-year-old “temple of the dead” was discovered not far from Lima, capital of Peru. Excavations were conducted by scientists at the site, which is just four hours ‘ drive North of the city.

The opening provides a lot of information about the enigmatic Wari Empire that ruled the Andes long before their better-known successors, the Incas.

“For the first time in the history of archeology in Peru we have found an Imperial tomb that belongs to an Empire were,” said Milosz Giersz, an archaeologist leading the joint Polish-Peruvian team of scientists.

The archaeologist is confident that the discovery will help them learn more about the life and culture of a civilization that ruled the Andes long before the Incas.

In the tomb, discovered a few months ago on the ruins of the pyramids, the researchers have found gold coins, ceramics and 63 skeletons, the age of which, according to scientists, is 1300 years old.

According to researchers,most of bodies found in the burial chamber – the mummified women sitting. This indicates that women belong to the Royal dynasty. In addition, it may mean that women in the culture Were had more power than previously thought.

Were, came from the southern highlands of Peru, have created a state occupying a vast area, which lived about 40 thousand inhabitants. Wari Empire existed in South America in the years 500-1000 ad.

“Women were buried with finely crafted earrings made of precious metals, which as was considered earlier, was worn only by men,” archaeologist Patricia geformt Brzdac.

Among other artifacts found near Queens, loom, made of gold, ceremonial knives and axes, drinking cups, containers of Coca leaves and a variety of beautifully decorated pottery.

Historians believe that civilization Wari, became the first in South America, which was able to unite the scattered Indian tribes that lived in the Peruvian Andes.

Bioarcheology Wieslaw Wieckowski said six skeletons were not wrapped in cloth and appear to have been sacrificed for the dead Queens.

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Moscow create new archaeological museums
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