The opening of the research Center of archaeology and Ethnology in the Treasury. al-Farabi
In their Coffers. al-Farabi was held the solemn opening of the research Center of archaeology and Ethnology . In the framework of the state program "Cultural heritage" archaeological and ethnological…

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Happy Olbia or the ancient city on the Black sea
On the banks of the Dnieper-bug estuary in ancient times (to be exact – in the 6th century BC) landed Greek settlers from Miletus founded the ancient city of Olbia,…

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Archaeologists have found evidence that early humans could live in America already 14-19 thousand years ago

Scientists found evidence that the emergence of the first people on American land could be another 14 to 19 KYR and it is 6 thousand years earlier than was considered in the scientific world. Writes The Daily mail.

In the South, Chilean territory, archaeologists found stone tools, traces, indicating that this place once was the hearth; the remains of animals and plants that have been cooked. Thanks to radiocarbon study, experts suggested that the finds date back to approximately 12 to 17 KYR B. C. E. Therefore, the appearance of these settlers on the mainland were in much earlier before it was settled the first paleo-Indians were.

The previous four decades it was customary to assume that the first humans appeared on American soil, was crossed on a land bridge from the Asian territories on the North American order of 12-13 KYR, These people represented the Clovis culture, characterized by smaller fluted spear heads from stone.

A completely different type of technology tools out of stone was found by archaeologists in Monte Verde, South of the Chilean state. The stone here was carried out only on one side, in what, actually, and zaklyuchaetsya with the Clovis culture.

In addition, as noted by the anthropologist Tom Zilahi representing Vanderbilt University in Nashville, during the archaeological activity, the experts found: small heating cavities; pits, where the food was prepared; the bones that are burned and not burned. Also there were stone tools that were present across the area, which long ago was the prehistoric people (length about 500 m, width – 30-40 m).

In General, the Professor and other scientists, 39 were found implements of stone and 12 small pits for fire. Of particular interest to scientists was the fact that the material in 34% of the tools were the stones that in that region it was impossible to find. This may indicate the arrival of primitive hunters from other lands. It is possible that the Pacific coast or the Andes.

In that period most of North America and a significant part of South American lands were under the ice. Then just ended lednikoviy. The location of the region near which the encampment of ancient people, is at the base of a huge glacier.

Probably warming contributed to the early primitive humans of the migration process. In the opinion of Tom Zilahi, has discovered the Parking lot was hunters, likely in the summer. But in the summer in that distant time the climate was rather cold, so prehistoric Americans not so-that simply to survive.

Excavations in the estate of Sophia of Kyiv and Vyshhorod of the National reserve
This year the students of our Institute was fortunate to host the summer archeological practice in the National reserve Sophia of Kyiv and Vyshgorod historical and cultural reserve. In the…


In South America, archaeologists discovered the 1,200 year old "temple of the dead"
In South America, archaeologists have discovered the first undisturbed tomb robbers ancient and mysterious civilization Were. In the tomb, scientists found the mummified bodies of three Queens, as well as…

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