An unusual ancient burial
In different Nations that inhabited our planet in ancient times, there were different traditions of burial of the dead, is often very unusual. Both were buried in ancient times? Here…

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Archaeologists make all the amazing new discoveries that shed light on the Mayan civilization
In Guatemala and Mexico archaeologists made important discoveries that shed light on ancient Mayan culture, reports the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The Mayans created a highly…

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In Izmir, archaeologists discovered the Islands mentioned in the ancient books

Recently during surface excavations carried out in the vicinity of the city Bademli that in Izmir province, archaeologists found mentioned in ancient books the island on which was built the ancient city of Cana.

After studying the geological samples taken from the strata of rocks of a small Peninsula near Bademli, archaeologists have discovered that the Peninsula was once in ancient times was an island. It turned out that the Strait separating the island from the mainland, over the centuries has filled with silt.

Open again is the third island in the chain Argiroski Islands, mentioned in the ancient sources. For many years among archaeologists, historians and geographers were debates about their location.

Archaeologists of the University of Cologne in cooperation with colleagues from the German archaeological Institute, with the participation of historians, geographers and geophysicists from the universities of Manisa, Cologne, Rostock and Southampton began an archaeological excavation to find the location Argiroski Islands, which, according to ancient texts, had to be located somewhere near Bademli.

Dr. Felix Pearson said: “Before the excavations it was not clear that this area was once Arginusae Islands that we were trying to find. Examining geological samples, dovetailed core drilling, we discovered that the Strait that separates the third from Rhinoskin Islands and the mainland, was filled with loose soil and stones, thus was formed the existing Peninsula.”

Examining carefully preserved on the Peninsula fragments of architectural structures and ceramic artifacts, archaeologists discovered that the city of Cana was actually located on this island.

In October last year the Turkish authorities safely “squeezed out” opposition media group Bugün, included in the holding Ipek-Koza (two TV channels, two Newspapers, one radio station). And yesterday the Turkish government has done the same thing with the media group Zaman (Feza A. Ş.). → Sevgi Akarcesme | 01 Mar 89

Amid the depressing news in our “lonely and beautiful country”, in the words of award-winning Director Nuri bilge Ceylan a, at least something good happened in the wee hours this Friday. →

Recently it was discovered that the man responsible for the recent terrorist attack in Ankara is not actually a citizen of Syria Salih Nedjar, and the Turkish citizen Abdulbaki Away from the village of Gürpınar, van province. It is noteworthy that incorrect information about the identity of the suicide bomber with the public was shared by none other than the Prime Minister himself, Ahmet davutoğlu. Could this be a “mistake” that deserves some thought on our part? → Mumtazer Turkone | 22 Feb. 122

Pro-Kurdish Democratic peoples ‘ party (DP) gives us the answer to this question. After the DCF refused to sign the Parliament prepared a joint statement Turkish parties, condemning the terrorist attack in Ankara, all eyes immediately turned toward the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK). →

Tensions between Russia and Turkey reached a new peak: the two countries are stepping up military operations in Syria, supporting opposing sides and moving closer to direct confrontation in the Syrian war, which included more international forces.

Parking of primitive people "Wolf Mane" in the Novosibirsk region
Novosibirsk region is famous for its variety of terrain: plains, lowlands, and swamps, and steppes. But today it's about Palaeolithic Parking lot "Wolf Mane", located in 62 kilometers from the…


The Tomb Of Hazrat Muravera
The main mythological facts: The tomb of the famous clairvoyant and healer of the last century became a place of pilgrimage for those seeking healing. Endowed with the gift of…

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