In Izmir, archaeologists discovered the Islands mentioned in the ancient books
Recently during surface excavations carried out in the vicinity of the city Bademli that in Izmir province, archaeologists found mentioned in ancient books the island on which was built the…

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Archaeologists make all the amazing new discoveries that shed light on the Mayan civilization
In Guatemala and Mexico archaeologists made important discoveries that shed light on ancient Mayan culture, reports the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The Mayans created a highly…

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In the Stavropol earth are buried the remains of the ancient cities

In the Stavropol earth are buried the remains of the ancient cities and even the earlier settlements of primitive man, stone boxes — tombs and majestic mounds, the dolmens and the massive underground chambers of the catacombs. As legendary statues, towering in the mountains of the greater Caucasus and its foothills Christian temples of X—XI centuries, some of the earliest on the territory of our country, majestic fortresses and towers of middle ages.

In the region identified 177 archaeological sites that scientists investigate how improved tools from the stone cut to perfect the bronze and iron guns. Great interest among the archaeological monuments of ancient times are the Parking lot of Sycamore on the Big Zelenchuk, barrow graves near Ust-Jeguta, tombs of the nobles of the bronze age, dolmens in the mountains of Karachay-Cherkessia, colorful bronze Koban culture. Highly artistic products rich Scythian barrows in C. Alexander, Hrushevsky the town near Stavropol, where for centuries was stored samples of the highest culture of ancient Greek (the remains of amphorae, with the names of Greek masters, bronze and iron pins, buckles and other products).

Even more diverse monuments of the middle ages: amazing Alanian settlements and temples in the upper reaches of the Kuban and Zelenchuk, a Khumarian fortress. Valuable information about the period of the Mongol-Tatar naestvedt the ruins of the city of Majar. Tower in the mountains adijuh, Gosia-Kala, Kyzyl-Kala and others tell about the turbulent life in the context of feudal civil strife and invasions of the late middle ages.

In the region of about one and a half thousand monuments of history and culture.

Interest in the monuments of Stavropol showed the researchers in the last century, showing modern historians and archaeologists, describing new traces of lost cultures. In the nineteenth century studied the rich monuments of the foothills of the teachers of gymnasiums A. N. Diachkov-Tarasov, and V. M. Sysoev, veterinarian A. ataman, the archeologist N. I. Veselovskii, etc.

Nowadays a lot of work for the study of the ancient Stavropol has done a T. M. Minaeva, which has opened up new settlements and burial grounds of ancient manufacture, thoroughly studied the history of the Alans and other peoples of the Caucasus; the study of material culture from the distant past was carried. Meticulous work on the study of archaeological monuments on the territory of Karachaevo-Cherkessia and synthesis of materials.

Find archaeologists disproved the theory that the first people came to America 12 thousand years ago
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An unusual ancient burial
In different Nations that inhabited our planet in ancient times, there were different traditions of burial of the dead, is often very unusual. Both were buried in ancient times? Here…

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