"Black diggers" stole coal for 7 million rubles
In Kiselevsk suppressed the activity of an illegal coal mine In Kiselevsk the criminal case on the fact of illegal mining of coal, the damage from which amounted to more…

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TOP 7 archaeological finds in the North Caucasus in recent years
Strange skulls, ancient gold, legendary graves: by Day archaeologists AMF-SC gave an overview of the most interesting finds in the region. The bowels of the earth and the mountains of…

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Find archaeologists disproved the theory that the first people came to America 12 thousand years ago

Brazil was discovered a cave with cave paintings, giving grounds to believe that the first people in America came to 18 thousand years earlier than believed by many archaeologists.

The new exhibition in Brazil were presented artifacts confirming the existence of the continent’s people for another 30 thousand years ago, whereas it is considered that the first people arrived to America from Asia 12 thousand years ago.

100 exhibits, including rock carvings and pottery, depict animals, ceremonies, hunting and even scenes from the sexual lives of this ancient group of first Americans.

The artifacts were discovered in the National Park Sera Da Capivara is located in the northeastern Brazilian state of piauí, on the border of the river Amazon and the Atlantic forest. From 1970-the year of the Franco-Brazilian archaeologist Niede the Guidon has headed a large-scale excavations in piauí, according to British tabloid mail Online in the latest issue.

“It’s hard to imagine on the planet there is a place with a higher concentration of cave art. Today is the most ancient traces of man in America,” says 80-year-old Guidon.

A widely accepted theory assumed that humans reached America only about 12 thousand years ago. According to experts,it was immigrants from Asia, who passed through the Bering Strait and reach Alaska.

According to the archaeologist, the other traces of the civilization include charcoal remains of fires and. However, some archaeologists insist. what was found in piauí coals are not lit Testament to a man a fire, and have a natural origin.

According to the Guidon, the residents of Serra may have arrived in piauí from Africa. Confirmation of this theory are examples of cave painting.

According to experts, the paintings were painted around 29 thousand years ago. “Soon after the pictures began to appear in caves of Europe and Africa, they came here for,” said the scientist.

Other excavations, including in Mexico and Chile, also indicate the presence of communities tens of thousands of years ago. These findings suggest that peoples reached the continent by various routes.

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