Moscow create new archaeological museums
In Mitino in the course of two to three years will be a historical archaeological landscape Park, reports Oreanda. According to the chief archeologist of Moscow Alexander Veksler, here, after…

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Near Gelendzhik found the ancient city: the caves, the room with tables and fossils, resembling human organs
The black sea still holds many secrets that can surprise historians and scientists. Another proof is the new discovery of underwater archaeologists. Not far from Gelendzhik lighthouse and Cape thick…

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“Black diggers” stole coal for 7 million rubles

In Kiselevsk suppressed the activity of an illegal coal mine

In Kiselevsk the criminal case on the fact of illegal mining of coal, the damage from which amounted to more than 7 million rubles.

In June, employees UBEP the municipal Department of internal Affairs across the Kemerovo region stopped activity of illegal coal mine. A team of workers and several pieces of heavy equipment provided round-the-clock operation of an illegal coal mine, told Singapo in a press-service of the municipal Department of internal Affairs across the Kemerovo region.

The closing down of toggo incision was preceded by laborious field work. For a long time the police watched the activities of illegal coal. “Black diggers” reanimated former coal mines on the territory of the old mine workings of the mine “Red” Russia, near the city of Kiselevsk. Is coal the company has long ceased to exist. All development were discontinued. However, the “black diggers” did not stop.

During the police RAID on the illegal coal mines were discovered by the excavators and six dump trucks, it is through this technique of “black diggers” has carried out the production and shipment of “black gold”. Here on duty and the staff – security guards and coordinators of the illegal business. The police they told me that they were simply doing their job, that of their coal mining illegal, they allegedly didn’t even know.

As field investigators established, the export of illegally extracted coal from the area of the quarry was carried out by “KAMAZ” vehicle and was placed at the railway siding. The police documented that during a night of illegal coal mine here had left more than 20 cars, Laden with coal. After fixation of this fact, illegal mining and selling of coal was stopped.

On the illegal production, police found about 650 tons of coal, ready for sale. In total, according to specialists of Rosprirodnadzor, the volume extracted and transported coal amounted to more than 7 000 tons, totaling more than 7 million rubles.

Police officers established the organizers of the illegal business. They were two residents of the home or office. The investigators also found that these curators “black diggers” was under the patronage of members of an organized criminal group from Novokuznetsk. Four active participants of this group had recently detained members of the criminal investigation on suspicion of attacking a local businessman, which was stolen his car.

To date, the illegal mining of coal was initiated a criminal case under article of the criminal code “Illegal entrepreneurship, combined with the generation of income in especially large size”. According to the sanctions of this article, to suspects threatens till 5 years of imprisonment. Found on the illegal production technique brought to the custody. An investigation is underway.

Find archaeologists disproved the theory that the first people came to America 12 thousand years ago
Brazil was discovered a cave with cave paintings, giving grounds to believe that the first people in America came to 18 thousand years earlier than believed by many archaeologists. The…


Parking of primitive people "Wolf Mane" in the Novosibirsk region
Novosibirsk region is famous for its variety of terrain: plains, lowlands, and swamps, and steppes. But today it's about Palaeolithic Parking lot "Wolf Mane", located in 62 kilometers from the…

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