Archaeological and natural Museum-reserve "Tatar settlement"
Archaeological and natural Museum-reserve "Tatar settlement" from 1992 is part of the Stavropol state Museum-reserve them. G. N. Prozriteleva and G. K. prave. Annually on the territory of the settlement…

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How to get gold in Mongolia: black diggers
Many gold mining companies will alter the natural landscape of Mongolia. The extraction of gold disappear hundreds of rivers and lakes, and the Mongolia slowly turning into a desert. In…

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The driving forces of the process of anthropogenesis and human origin.

Anthropogeny — the process of origin and evolution of man.

Driving forces of anthropogenesis.

1)anthropoid ancestors pax; 2)most ancient and ancient ancestors pax; 3)people present, morphologic building.

• individual selection aiming to morphophysiological traits is bipedalism, the structure of the brush, the development of the brain; • group selection, aimed at the social organization; • bio-social selection, the result of the combined action of the first two forms of selection. Acted at the level of individual, family, tribe.

The main driving force of anthropogenesis was the work in which you create your tools. The main factor is labour-was specific to the evolution of the pax. Particularly important was the emergence of a straight gait. Biologically bipedalism brought the man a lot of complications. But due to bipedal locomotion freed the hands for tools. At the beginning of the process of formation of the person his hand was underdeveloped. It took a long time for our ancestors moved from the use of the OCD subjects. nature. environment as weapons in their manufacture. The development of employment leads to the reduction of biological laws and the strengthening of the role of social. factors in anthropology.

1)the Vedas rodoslovnaya Xia from Parajanov→driopiteka→rampitec→Australopithecus→incontro (skilled persons); 2)is associated with appeared pyatikantrop→Sinanthropus→getdelivery people (ancient); 3)150 thousand.l.ago: CRO-magnon→camaleones→neotrop. Check In: Asia→Europe→Australia→Americas. The occurrence of races.

150 thousand years ago – these days (Neoanthrope. Homo sapiens) Type of modern man. The emergence of society/ the Domestication of plants. and the stomach. The development and number of natures. environment.

300-40 thousand years (Paleoanthro. Neanderthal) Combined features of modern man and anthropoids. Improving the production of guns. The rudiments of speech.

1.5 to 0.3 million years (Arhantropy: Pithecanthropus, Sinanthropus. Cel. erectus) Maintaining fire. The production of implements of pebbles (pebble cult-a) Bipedalism. Use-e before-as guns. hunting and protection. Gregarious lifestyle.

About 1.5 million years (Pers. skilled) Arboreal lifestyle. Unconscious use of items. The herding.

5-1 million years (stage prototroph. Australopithecines. Common ancestors of anthropomorphic monkeys and hominids).

Highlight-t 3 species flocks in shaping the society and individuals: 1)the era of the primitive herd; 2)the era of the tribal system; 3) the era of the expansion of communal-tribal system=lie. people

The era of prominy refers to early+middle Paleolithic.Fossils of first humans found in East Africa, are between the ages of 2.5-1.8 million years. Congregation har-camping community. Use of canopies, caves for shelter, owned fire, hunting-camping on cereals. stomach. scientific. izgot. Kamen. guns.labour. Distinguish 3 stages: 1)ARNK cult.(manual cutter); 2) the cult of the Acheulean. (manual cutter); 3)Mousterian to-RA =neoandertals (ostrokonechniki, screamo, some. ed. from bones).

The basics.types of infec-ti: hunting+fishing.

Family (2 spot.of view): 1)sexual relationships. in the community of the liberties.; 2)Promina unabled. harem and family persons.attitud. it. The era of promini is the time of human evolution and prehistory. At the end completes the biological development of man, there are people of modern physical type, formed a primitive tribal community. The man already had fairly sophisticated tools, knew how to build dwellings, used fire, and could hunt large animals. People settled on the vast territories of Africa and Eurasia. This settlement comes amid repeated changes in natural environment caused by the alternation of cold glacial periods and warmer interglacial.

Scientists have found that as people began to develop intelligence
Michael Medler from Western Washington University in Bellingham told me that the ancestors of humans could get a chance to develop because they lived near volcanoes and can near them…


Found the oldest fossils of animals
The oldest fossils of multicellular organisms — sponges — found in the territory of the Green continent by Adam Maloof (Maloof Adam ) and his colleagues from Princeton. The discovery…

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