Archaeologists make all the amazing new discoveries that shed light on the Mayan civilization
In Guatemala and Mexico archaeologists made important discoveries that shed light on ancient Mayan culture, reports the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The Mayans created a highly…

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In Abkhazia discovered the "treasure of caster" five-thousand year-old
Bronze axes transferred to local history Museum of the city of Gudauta In the Gudauta district of Abkhazia, local residents found the so-called "treasure of the caster" - 20 bronze…

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SC said it was possible for the exhumation of the remains of Alexander III

In order to remove the last doubts as to the authenticity of the remains of Tsarevich Alexei, the Grand Duchess Maria and their parents, the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia at the meeting of the Commission on the reburial proposed to open the tomb of Alexander III. Now the issue is addressed in investigative Committee of Russia.

– His Holiness the Patriarch proposed to conduct such a study, said senior investigator-criminalist main Department of criminalistics of the RF IC Vladimir Solovyov. – The question discussed, and while I can’t give you a definitive answer, but we think about it with the experts, since Alexander III – it’s still the closest to Nicholas II. As far as I know, his tomb has never been opened. No one here can say that someone planted a bone, someone has mixed these bones.

The first legend that in the place of the Romanov family buried the wrong people, appeared in 1918. Not stopped these rumors and when the burial of the family of the last Emperor of Russia in modern times. Many experts, among them prominent Church leaders, argued that in place of Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna buried by other people, perhaps their servants. Studies conducted in the late 90-ies of the last century, did not give a definitive answer. In order to remove all doubts, the ROC has offered to exhume the nearest relative– father of the last Emperor – Alexander III.

But some historians and art historians strongly against this measure. First, the exhumation will take a long time – a month on paperwork and more on the opening of the sarcophagus. Second, historians say that this procedure can destroy the monument.

Russian Orthodox Church wants to make sure that the remains of those people, we are talking about, – says the Chairman of the heraldic Council under the President of the Russian Federation, state Herald master, Deputy Director of the State Hermitage for research Georgy Vilinbakhov. You endlessly seek first the tomb of Alexander III, later Alexander II. When we talk about the opening of the tomb of the Emperor, we must understand that this is a very special thing. First, this disposal of the Emperor, second, and the Peter and Paul Cathedral, and the tomb itself – a monument of culture. The arguments that I have not persuaded me that there is such a need.

Paleontologists announced the discovery of Jurassic Park in Patagonia
No place in the world, contains the same number and diversity of fossils of the Jurassic period. A team of paleontologists led by Dr. Juan Garcia Massini announced the opening…


An unusual ancient burial
In different Nations that inhabited our planet in ancient times, there were different traditions of burial of the dead, is often very unusual. Both were buried in ancient times? Here…

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