Archaeologists have found evidence that early humans could live in America already 14-19 thousand years ago
Scientists found evidence that the emergence of the first people on American land could be another 14 to 19 KYR and it is 6 thousand years earlier than was considered…

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In Izmir, archaeologists discovered the Islands mentioned in the ancient books
Recently during surface excavations carried out in the vicinity of the city Bademli that in Izmir province, archaeologists found mentioned in ancient books the island on which was built the…

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The opening of the research Center of archaeology and Ethnology in the Treasury. al-Farabi

In their Coffers. al-Farabi was held the solemn opening of the research Center of archaeology and Ethnology . In the framework of the state program “Cultural heritage” archaeological and ethnological science has acquired a special significance among the social Sciences and Humanities. In addition, in modern conditions requires a more in-depth and extended ethnological research of the multinational culture of the peoples of Kazakhstan. Currently in KazNU named after al – Farabi where are the major experts in the field of archeology and Ethnology. All this became the basis for opening of a research center.

The opening of this Center is one of the most important events in scientific and cultural life of the University and of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Center’s work is devoted to the study of actual problems of ancient and medieval archaeology of Kazakhstan, Ethnography, ethnic and ethno-cultural processes among the peoples of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The research Center is represented by 5 divisions of stone, bronze, iron ages, medieval archaeology and Ethnography of the Kazakhs of Kazakhstan. Here there is quite a contingent of highly qualified archaeologists, ethnologists and Museum experts. It is known not only in Kazakhstan but also abroad Professor.X. Shalekenov, A. T. Toleubayev, E. M. Eleuov.To. Taimagambetov, B. K. Balabaeva, A. U. Toktabay, K. E. Ergazy, K. N. Rayman, etc.

Productively working group to study the stone age, led by Professor Taymagambetov by Zhaken. His scientific contacts with scientists of Russia and republics of Central Asia give good results.

The research centre will lead Abdes Professor Toleubaev, who is also head of the scientific group of the bronze age and early iron age in the last 20 years, And founded the first head Professor of the Department. M. Orazbayeva. The apparent Success of his group. The discovery of previously unknown monuments of the bronze age and early iron age Is more than 400 groups, the study of tens of burial mounds and fences, the most important of which are Shilikta, Tebiske, Akebulan, agents, Oyjaylau, etc. And the Open group.Toleubayeva early “Golden man” has become not only a significant event in the archaeological science of Kazakhstan on the territory of the region the vegetation of Zaisan uyezd in Shilikti, but also throughout Eurasia.

Since 1974 under the guidance of Professor W. H. scientific research of the medieval settlement Aktobe Shalekenov, located in Zhambyl region. Professor W. H. Shalekenov proved that this medieval city is the city of Balasagun – the capital of the Karakhanid state.

At the presentation, the organizers presented a wide scientific community with the Center’s structure the University again organized scientific. al-Farabi. The presentation was attended by academician of as USSR.And. Tulepbaev, academician of NAS RK M. H. Asylbekov, A. academician of NAS RK.B. Kalish, chief researcher of the Institute of archaeology them. J. A. Margulan.To. Kurmankulov, Director of the Institute of history and Ethnology. Including Valikhanov.F. Mazhitov, Director of the Institute of Oriental studies M. K. Abuseitova, anthropologist, academician O. Ismagulov, a prominent scholar S. Azhigali, representatives of the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan, etc.

To the Centre’s opening was timed to coincide with an exhibition of archaeological finds and publications of scientists-archaeologists and ethnologists of the University, archeology and Ethnology guests also had the opportunity to see museums, where collection of more than 1,000 historical artifacts. In covering the event was attended by TV channel “Khabar”, “Kazakhstan”, newspaper “Almaty Asami”, “Aikyn”, “Turkestan”, etc.

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