The most ancient artifacts: archaeological finds
How much mystery lurking in the bowels of the earth, no one knows for sure. But every day somewhere in the world some scientist finds some interesting pieces left in…

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Moscow create new archaeological museums
In Mitino in the course of two to three years will be a historical archaeological landscape Park, reports Oreanda. According to the chief archeologist of Moscow Alexander Veksler, here, after…

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The opening of the fourth shift International youth archaeological camp

August 12 at 11 am in the conference hall of the Museum of fine arts (St. Sophia sq., 2) will take place solemn opening of the fourth shift International youth archaeological camp.

The project is implemented by the Interregional public Foundation “Center of National Glory” (Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the CNS – the President of JSC “Russian Railways” Vladimir Yakunin), in cooperation with the Novgorod state United Museum-reserve, Novgorod archaeological expedition and with the support of the Government of the Novgorod region. The camp is aimed at familiarising the participants with the Russian cultural-historical tradition, establishing the system of effective communications and development of comprehensive public relations youth of Russia, CIS, Europe and other countries, and the creation of the youth environment of communication through the development of the traditions of intercultural understanding.

During the International youth archaeological camp “Veliky Novgorod in the historical memory of generations” assumes detailed acquaintance with the history and archaeology of Novgorod the Great, more mission search, clearance and treatment of archaeological sites, lectures by leaders of the archaeological expedition and employees of Novgorodskaya-reserve on the history of Veliky Novgorod. In addition, campers will participate in games workshops, master classes and youth discussions, learn about cultural and historical heritage of the Novgorod region.

The participants of the IV changer archaeological camp will be 25 participants from seven countries: Serbia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Syria, Lithuania, Estonia, the Russian Federation. Our country is young people from ten regions of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ryazan, Murmansk, Novgorod, Arkhangelsk, Kaluga, Nizhny Novgorod regions and the Republic of Karelia and the Republic of Crimea. Students and postgraduates, and young scientists – archaeologists, art historians, cultural experts and historians.

Recall that the project is implemented from June 2014 was held the third shift Camps:

Before the opening ceremony shift at 10.45 there, in the Museum of fine arts, will be the press involving Grigorieva N. V., General Director of the Novgorod Museum-reserve; Zalina G. Medoev, Vice-President of the Center for national glory; Troyanovsky Sergey Viktorovich, Deputy General Director of the Novgorod Museum-reserve on archaeological research.

In the Stavropol earth are buried the remains of the ancient cities
In the Stavropol earth are buried the remains of the ancient cities and even the earlier settlements of primitive man, stone boxes — tombs and majestic mounds, the dolmens and…


Archaeologists have found evidence that early humans could live in America already 14-19 thousand years ago
Scientists found evidence that the emergence of the first people on American land could be another 14 to 19 KYR and it is 6 thousand years earlier than was considered…

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