Scientists unexpectedly made a discovery which in future may change the idea about the history of human evolution.
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In Izmir, archaeologists discovered the Islands mentioned in the ancient books
Recently during surface excavations carried out in the vicinity of the city Bademli that in Izmir province, archaeologists found mentioned in ancient books the island on which was built the…

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Happy Olbia or the ancient city on the Black sea

On the banks of the Dnieper-bug estuary in ancient times (to be exact – in the 6th century BC) landed Greek settlers from Miletus founded the ancient city of Olbia, which existed for a thousand years!

The ancient city of Olbia

In my opinion, I wouldn’t do Olvia predajem Odessa and the Chersonese is not predajem of Sevastopol. And if today you can not magically create any decoupage, only to get materials to the in history we have to contemplate the little that was left and try to preserve this heritage. But here, in General, it will be a different story.

So, this ancient city was one of the 4 largest ancient colonies of the black sea region, as its economic and cultural center: conducted trade fabrics, jewels, grains and fish, was in Athens sea Union. The city was besieged by the troops of Alexander the great, Olivia and the province of the Roman Empire.

The type of government policy was the democratic slave-owning Republic, in which civil rights empowered women, foreigners, slaves and semi-free populations. During the heyday in Olbia there were about 25 thousand inhabitants. In the walls of the city were the temples, and craft shops, and shopping districts, and homes, was even its own currency – bronze aces, which visiting merchants-the merchants and the guests were Oliveolive to change their silver and gold.

Warlike tribes of the Huns destroyed it in the 4th century, and 10 centuries later, the Turks, who captured these lands, used city ruins for the construction of their fortresses.


Already 200 years in Olbia archaeological excavations . but the end of them and not expected. The most interesting and most valuable finds are in the museums of St. Petersburg, Nikolaev, Kiev, Odessa, Berlin, Paris and London. They say that only 1/80 excavated part of the policy, not including the site that, due to a natural disaster found themselves under water. For sightseeing, visitors open, about half of the site (where the excavations at this time is preserved).

The whole territory of Olbia seriously guarded by armed guards, which makes the problem of the so-called “black archeologists”. Not so long ago Olvia received the status of a “State historical and archaeological reserve”.

If you decide to spend your vacation in a part of archaeological expedition (book a seat in the Kyiv Institute of archaeology) and experience the hard work digger, then you can “get sick” antiquity for life. How, after all, the Greeks were right, calling the city – Olbia . which means “Happy”.

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