In South America, archaeologists discovered the 1,200 year old "temple of the dead"
In South America, archaeologists have discovered the first undisturbed tomb robbers ancient and mysterious civilization Were. In the tomb, scientists found the mummified bodies of three Queens, as well as…

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An unusual ancient burial
In different Nations that inhabited our planet in ancient times, there were different traditions of burial of the dead, is often very unusual. Both were buried in ancient times? Here…

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In Kabardino-Balkaria conducted excavations of the ancient settlement

In the Chegem district of Kabardino-Balkaria Institute of archaeology of the Caucasus (Nalchik) and scientists of the South of Russia began excavating the largest known settlement, Dating from the seventh century BC. As reported on August 18, the Director of the Institute of archaeology of the Caucasus Kerim Mirzoyev, in the excavation area of 600 square meters discovered the remains of dwellings, ancient buildings, household pits and a large number of pottery and bronze ware and late Scythian-Koban culture. The findings in the thousands.

“Until October the tender will have to dig 2 thousand square meters of land, caught in the zone of construction of a bypass highway Cool-Azau. To work as subcontractors involved colleagues from the Krasnodar and Stavropol edges, the Rostov region”, – said Mirzoyev. “Under two meters of soil is found the monument of history, which will allow to unite into a single chain of historical discoveries made earlier in Chechnya, North Ossetia, Ingushetia, in the territory of Kavminvod and check the earlier historical assumptions”, – said the head of the expedition, Director of the center for archaeological research, “the Heritage of Kuban” Evgeny Narozhnaya. He said that the excavation does not contain traces of fires, typical of wartime. On the contrary, pottery, knives,arrowheads, spindle whorls, awls for clothes talk about peaceful contacts with local inhabitants, the highlanders bellicose Scythians-nomads. “Along with the wars in the history were longer periods of peace, when people with different lifestyles to find a common language and mutual benefit to build peaceful relations,” said Narozhnaya.

“Historical monuments are Federal property, report on the excavations is sent to the Russian Academy of Sciences, and all subjects are detailed and carefully preserved for further study and transfer to museums. The Institute of archaeology of the Caucasus in the difficult conditions of the competition is working hard not only for the conservation of archaeological sites, but also on the state registration, under protection. Due to their earnings, they are working for the conservation of monuments, which do not give money. This work is done in the scale of the Northern Caucasus”, – said the scientist.

Narozhnaya also said that the international expedition will also unearth no less than 700 square metres of land and more than 20 burial mounds from the bronze age to the early middle ages, trapped in the target building road, and 10 of them are already in the works.

SC said it was possible for the exhumation of the remains of Alexander III
In order to remove the last doubts as to the authenticity of the remains of Tsarevich Alexei, the Grand Duchess Maria and their parents, the Patriarch of Moscow and all…


Scientists have found that as people began to develop intelligence
Michael Medler from Western Washington University in Bellingham told me that the ancestors of humans could get a chance to develop because they lived near volcanoes and can near them…

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