The opening of the fourth shift International youth archaeological camp
August 12 at 11 am in the conference hall of the Museum of fine arts (St. Sophia sq., 2) will take place solemn opening of the fourth shift International youth…

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Paleontologists announced the discovery of Jurassic Park in Patagonia
No place in the world, contains the same number and diversity of fossils of the Jurassic period. A team of paleontologists led by Dr. Juan Garcia Massini announced the opening…

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Archaeologists make all the amazing new discoveries that shed light on the Mayan civilization

In Guatemala and Mexico archaeologists made important discoveries that shed light on ancient Mayan culture, reports the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The Mayans created a highly advanced civilization – it is an axiom, not requiring proof. However, each new discovery or attempts to properly understand the purpose of the mysterious structures, and other artifacts never cease to surprise and amaze scientists. So at this time.

On the territory of modern archaeological complex of Ayutla, in Ocosingo Mexico researchers from the National Institute of anthropology and history, NIAI, have unearthed the ruins of an ancient Mayan theater, built more than 1.2 thousands of years ago.

The building, designed for 120 spectators, like many religious buildings of the Maya were on a hill. According to the expert, NIAI Luis Martos, the location of the buildings speaks of it no less significance for the ancient metropolis than temples. The archeologist assumes that the theatre was created by order of the ruling elite of the city for her amusement.

And what was happening on the stage of theater, most likely, glorified rulers and gods. To such conclusion the researchers came after he discovered among the ruins of statues of the Sun God and God of corn which was the staple diet of the locals.

No less impressive the discovery was made in Guatemala . where American archaeologists under the leadership of Professor Vernon Scarborough from Universitetscenter discovered the conduit and the dam Palace. These structures the Mayans built the city of Tikal more than a thousand years ago. I must say that the built of boulders, chopped stone and earth shaft length of 80 and a height of 10 meters discovered long ago, but archaeologists considered him a regular Causeway.

New research and 3D modelling has shown that this is not a dam, and the dam – part of the municipal water supply system. Maya has created a unique system of collection and purification of water: squares and streets of the city had a small slope, through which the life giving water after rains flowed into reservoirs. But before we get into them, the water passed through the filters of quartz sand.

Scientists have found that as people began to develop intelligence
Michael Medler from Western Washington University in Bellingham told me that the ancestors of humans could get a chance to develop because they lived near volcanoes and can near them…


In Izmir, archaeologists discovered the Islands mentioned in the ancient books
Recently during surface excavations carried out in the vicinity of the city Bademli that in Izmir province, archaeologists found mentioned in ancient books the island on which was built the…

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