In Abkhazia discovered the "treasure of caster" five-thousand year-old
Bronze axes transferred to local history Museum of the city of Gudauta In the Gudauta district of Abkhazia, local residents found the so-called "treasure of the caster" - 20 bronze…

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Near Gelendzhik found the ancient city: the caves, the room with tables and fossils, resembling human organs
The black sea still holds many secrets that can surprise historians and scientists. Another proof is the new discovery of underwater archaeologists. Not far from Gelendzhik lighthouse and Cape thick…

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Greece opened excavations of the ancient settlement of Akrotiri

On the Greek island of Santorini on Wednesday, April 11, opened ancient Akrotiri is an ancient city of the Minoan civilization. According to Reuters. excavations were closed to tourists since 2005.

Seven years ago on the Greek island collapsed roof, located over the whole territory of the excavations. As a result of this incident killed one person, and one of the largest ancient monuments of Greece, was closed. Now the government, confident in the safety of tourists, the newly opened excavations, and we hope that Akrotiri will affect the volume of the tourist market of Greece.

The ancient settlement was discovered during the excavations conducted in 1967 by the Greek archaeologists. Then they discovered frescoes, pottery, furniture and many other artifacts that have allowed to reconstruct the everyday life of Minoans.

The settlement at this place existed already about four thousand years BC and it was destroyed in the XVII century BC after the eruption of the volcano on Santorini. The city was buried under the ashes, so ancient appearance of the village was saved. Scientists also believe that after a powerful emission of ash into the atmosphere, agriculture in Crete, with which the inhabitants of Akrotiri had trade relations, it is in decline. In Crete after that famine.

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Other news from the section On high

In Krakow the apartment of the Polish poet and Nobel laureate Wisława Szymborski was discovered a previously unknown detective novel written by her in my youth. As reported on the website of radio Thenews. pl, work finds former Secretary Szymborski Michal.

Artist and social activist Aidan Salakhova Aidan closes his gallery, which exists since 1992 and is one of the oldest private galleries in Moscow. About this Salakhova told RIA Novosti. The owner, Aidan gallery said that the gallery closes.

Beginning Wednesday, April 11, the Louvre will begin to replace traditional audio guides on portable 3DS game console from Nintendo, according to Le Figaro. The Louvre is the first Museum in the world where you will be using similar technical equipment on.

In the State gallery on Solyanka on 12 April, will open a retrospective of the works of film Director Andrei Tarkovsky Tarkovsky. Space, which is dedicated to celebrating the 80-anniversary of his birth. On the website of the gallery notes that this is the first such large-scale.

The lion King (The Lion King), is based on the eponymous animated film Disney studios, has become the most profitable in the history of Broadway. About it reports BBC News. The musical the lion King since its release in 1997 earned 853,8 million dollars at a time.

Excavations in the estate of Sophia of Kyiv and Vyshhorod of the National reserve
This year the students of our Institute was fortunate to host the summer archeological practice in the National reserve Sophia of Kyiv and Vyshgorod historical and cultural reserve. In the…


In the Stavropol earth are buried the remains of the ancient cities
In the Stavropol earth are buried the remains of the ancient cities and even the earlier settlements of primitive man, stone boxes — tombs and majestic mounds, the dolmens and…

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