Fossils - the clue of nature
Fossils are the remains and imprints of plants and animals that lived on Earth in the long past era. But turns into a fossil only a small part of plants…

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Two ancient settlements found in the design of the pipeline is in the Ivanovo region
There is a high probability that in the near future the houses of the citizens of Yuryevets district will gas. This was reported by General Director of LLC "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz…

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Moscow create new archaeological museums

In Mitino in the course of two to three years will be a historical archaeological landscape Park, reports Oreanda. According to the chief archeologist of Moscow Alexander Veksler, here, after the extensive archeological study of the area, were found numerous monuments of the past. Now they are under the protection of the Metropolitan government.

In addition, in 2008, in the district Khokhlovskiy square in the centre appears the Museum exposition “the Fortress of the White city of the XVI century”. There you will see the 70-meter stretch of white-stone wall was found during construction, it will be saved in not disassembled.

Fortifications of the White town — the third zone of defence of Moscow, were erected in 1585-1593, under the leadership of the Russian architect Feodor the Horse and was adjoined on the left Bank of the Moscow river to the Kremlin and China-town. At the end of XVIII century the fortress fell into disrepair and was demolished. Through its walls have passed modern Boulevard ring, retaining memories of the fortress in the number of names, including Nikita, Sretensky, Pokrovsky gates. The base of the fortress, and the underground part is not opened during excavation works on the Boulevard ring, but in each sluchainosti walls either collapsed or were recorded in the archaeological plans and Photographs and once again fell asleep.

During the present excavations uncovered a well-preserved masonry wall, which is over 70 meters stands in the pit at 1.5 m Apart from the wall during excavation were found important for the history of Moscow architecture fragments of buildings, demolished during its construction. They belong to the main structures of the work of the great masters. Among the findings were also the most diverse household material, coin treasure.

According to Alexander Veksler, for the first time at this facility, failed to fundamentally solve the problem of preserving and exhibiting the finds. Under the base of the wall will be connected to the platform, mounted on the columns. In the future, underground construction will be in this place, will not affect the upper horizon, and it will be available for viewing, and a pilot project of Museum exposition, will set the basis for all subsequent works of this kind on the Boulevard ring.

Historians don has discovered the secret of a few archaeological finds
Found in Azov recently an old factory and another underground passage shed light on the events. Now, after examining the finds, the archaeologists can make historical edits to previously known…


Scientists have found that as people began to develop intelligence
Michael Medler from Western Washington University in Bellingham told me that the ancestors of humans could get a chance to develop because they lived near volcanoes and can near them…

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