Moscow create new archaeological museums
In Mitino in the course of two to three years will be a historical archaeological landscape Park, reports Oreanda. According to the chief archeologist of Moscow Alexander Veksler, here, after…

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How to get gold in Mongolia: black diggers
Many gold mining companies will alter the natural landscape of Mongolia. The extraction of gold disappear hundreds of rivers and lakes, and the Mongolia slowly turning into a desert. In…

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Historians don has discovered the secret of a few archaeological finds

Found in Azov recently an old factory and another underground passage shed light on the events. Now, after examining the finds, the archaeologists can make historical edits to previously known facts.

One of the first manufactories of the Azov looked modestly the area of 60 square meters there were two ovens in which metal was melted. Here, in narrow aisles, various forged products. What kind of work was done by craftsmen, archaeologists have yet to figure out is the dugout they discovered recently and so far have removed only the top layer of soil.

“The construction of this workshop was the individual craftsman. Most likely, it belonged to the merchant. Industrial furnaces of this type are extremely rare, especially of such construction”, — says senior researcher of the Azov Museum-reserve Andrei Maslovsky.

In one of the drain pits found the skull. According to the historians, its owner became a victim of the massacre, arranged in the 14th century Mamam because of a conflict with the local Han. After the bloodbath of the manufactory was abandoned, so the masonry stoves have been preserved in good condition. Historians are going to move the entire structure in the Museum. Another finding was pleased and a different site. A month ago they found a portion of the subterranean passage, and now its sequel.

“An underground passage that goes past the old fortress, which after the capture of Azov by Peter the great radically changed and increased. These moves came a new fortress, and since the new deposited only once by Russian troops, it is likely that these structures belong to 1736”, — explains senior researcher of the Azov Museum-reserve Andrei Maslovsky.

Find save will fail — in September at the site to erect a private house. But, according to Andrei Maslovsky, not so valuable a tunnel — like find dozens of as the new information that he brought. Now scientists can find out the exact device and construction time of underground passages in historical documents this is not fixed.

Found the oldest fossils of animals
The oldest fossils of multicellular organisms — sponges — found in the territory of the Green continent by Adam Maloof (Maloof Adam ) and his colleagues from Princeton. The discovery…


The ancient city of Miletus
Tourists in Turkey can visit the ancient city of Miletus Ionia. You can get here by public transport from the towns of Altinkum Accou or Are Balat. You can even…

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