The driving forces of the process of anthropogenesis and human origin.
Anthropogeny — the process of origin and evolution of man. Driving forces of anthropogenesis. 1)anthropoid ancestors pax; 2)most ancient and ancient ancestors pax; 3)people present, morphologic building. • individual selection…

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In South America, archaeologists discovered the 1,200 year old "temple of the dead"
In South America, archaeologists have discovered the first undisturbed tomb robbers ancient and mysterious civilization Were. In the tomb, scientists found the mummified bodies of three Queens, as well as…

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Archaeological and natural Museum-reserve “Tatar settlement”

Archaeological and natural Museum-reserve “Tatar settlement” from 1992 is part of the Stavropol state Museum-reserve them. G. N. Prozriteleva and G. K. prave. Annually on the territory of the settlement are archaeological excavations, and if You are lucky, you can watch the work of specialists.

Tatar hillfort is the largest archaeological monument of the Caucasus, miraculously preserved among the relic forest in the vicinity of Stavropol. which is a system of three settlements, a total area of about 200 hectares

The settlement is a complex, multi-layered monument, which functioned throughout the four historical periods: Koban, Scythian, Sarmatian, Khazar. The unique preservation of the cultural and fortification structures, systems, roads, burial grounds and places of worship, allows us to trace every aspect of the lives of ancient people from the VIII century BC to X century ad.

The cultural layer of the settlement of the Tatar abundantly filled with the ruins of the ancient walls of houses, the debris of long ago broken pots and jugs, ash and numerous foci of fires, smoldering for many hundreds of years ago. Here took place one of the Northern routes of the Great silk Road.

The Museum conducts scientific issledovaniy in Geology, soil science, botany and Zoology, is an integrated approach to the study of landscape zones of territory. The goal of creating a natural-archaeological Museum – preserving a cultural landscape, which is a natural-anthropogenic system consisting of four subsystems: intact, natural, modified natural, historical and modern.

The Museum offers one-day pedestrian and bus (transport customer) the excursion to the Museum under the open sky – “Tatar settlement”. Guides will show you the most interesting objects of the archaeological complex – rich cultural layer, remains of fortifications, the citadel, the Imperial eagle, ashtray, old roads and more than thirty attractions of nature – cliffs, caves, picturesque rocks, springs, waterfalls and amazing plants.

Between objects there are several options for sightseeing trails that visitors can choose depending on their interests, physical capabilities, mood, and weather conditions.

You can visit the observation deck, which offers magnificent views of Strizhament, with its never-sleeping and the Caucasus.

Main excursions: Sightseeing tour of Tatar Tatar site of ancient settlement the settlement is an archaeological monument of the Tatar settlement – the nature reserve

Directions: Trolley. 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 11, 12 or Aut. 4, 6, 7 to the stop “Lenin Square”.

Working hours: daily from 10.00 to 18.00, except Sunday, Monday.

The opening of the fourth shift International youth archaeological camp
August 12 at 11 am in the conference hall of the Museum of fine arts (St. Sophia sq., 2) will take place solemn opening of the fourth shift International youth…


Fossils - the clue of nature
Fossils are the remains and imprints of plants and animals that lived on Earth in the long past era. But turns into a fossil only a small part of plants…

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